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Development starts at Westcott Venture Park

Westcott’s owners Rockspring will invest more than £3 million in the development, plans include a first phase of up to 24,000 sq ft of accommodation comprising seven units, ranging in size from 2,000 sq ft to 6,000 sq ft. The development will be set on three acres of the park and the units will incorporate ancillary office space, loading bays, and parking and will appeal to a wide range of businesses.

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Westcott Development

WVP aims to have the first units available for occupation by early 2015 with a view to rolling out phase two later that year.

Nigel MacKenzie, project manager at WVP said: "Rockspring is accelerating investment with plans to develop this speculative facility to deliver much needed premises for the business marketplace."

"We have seen significant interest in land and facilities at the park, which has been running at 95% occupancy for some time. This interest, coupled with the lack of Grade A space in the region has prompted our move to construct the new phase of development at WVP."

If consent is granted, overall investment in the new development is estimated to be in the region of £3 million for the construction phase, and could house up to 50 workers when fully occupied.

Westcott Development Elevations

Front Elevation - Large Units

Westcott Development Elevations

Rear Elevation - Large Units

Westcott Development Elevations

Front Elevation - Small Units


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