Westcott Rocket

Your security and the safety of those working at the park has always been important to us. A comprehensive network of CCTV cameras monitor the park, within the guardhouse. The major feature of the Park; it is surrounded by a nine mile security fence with only one point of access which is controlled 24 / 7 by a dedicated team of security guards with barriers and Automatic Number Plate Recognition.


Inside the park there is a comprehensive network of CCTV cameras which are monitored from the guardhouse entrance.

Security Controlled Gatehouse

The guardhouse forms part of a management complex at the entrance to the park where the security guards and on site team can offer assistance to all park occupiers and their visitors.

Security Controled Gatehouse
Number plate recognition

Automatic Number Plate Recognition which record every vehicle entering or leaving the park. There have been a number of occasions where this recorded information has been invaluable in protecting on site businesses.

Meet The Guards

Bob Bamford and Bruce Washington are the gatekeepers of WVP providing 24/7 on-site security.

The guards monitor our extensive CCTV system, which is a key component in the overall security at WVP. We have cameras strategically located at WVP that enable the guards to track activities.

In addition to the traditional security role, our guards have a dual role providing assistance and information to anyone visiting or working at WVP. This service is greatly valued by many businesses on the park as they are extremely accommodating and helpful to visitors and make sure you do not receive unwelcome callers.

This year Bob Bamford who mainly works nights will have been working as a guard at Westcott for 25 years and Bruce Washington who works days in the main will have been working at the park for over 24 years. Both will have seen the park evolve into the business park it is today.

If you are expecting visitors or deliveries to the park, please make the guards aware so they can direct them accordingly. They can be contacted on 01296 651870 or

Park History

Left to Right: Bob Bamford and Bruce Washington