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Solar Power Energises WVP

There's a clean, green and sunny outlook for WVP, which in 2011 became one of the first business parks in Britain to start generating a big share of its own renewable energy.

Work to install 6,102 solar panels over an area of 10 acres, in one of the largest-scale solar installations of its type, was completed in time for the company to qualify for a government-guaranteed payback - the feed-in tariffs or FITs, for the power it produces.

To date, 2.8million kWh has been produced, preventing 1,400 tonnes of CO2 from being released to the atmosphere, the majority of which has benefitted tenants on the park.

Managing Agent Colin Theobald explains: “Solar power has proved to be a highly effective alternative energy source for WVP and we're committed to building on the success achieved so far.”

WVP opted to use the efficient ground-mounted solar array in 2011 as part of their ongoing strategy to be one of the region's most sustainable business parks. The park's keen focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency has been welcomed by its tenants and is visibly attracting new tenants to the park like Shanks and Bucks Recycling, with many commenting on the park's progressive approach to sustainability as a key reason for locating their businesses within its grounds.

There was welcome comment when planning permission was granted by the County Council's archaeology arm. It said that the scheme was not likely to 'materially cause harm' to the historical asset (the surviving 1942 runway, where WW2 bomber crews trained), and that it was a 'very effective use of these heritage assets'. The new solar park was in keeping with the ‘innovative technology history of Westcott.'

Solar Panels
From Solar Panels to energy from food waste and recycling

The owners of Westcott Venture Park, Rockspring, have invested in a solar farm that now provides a significant proportion of the Venture Park's electrical energy requirement.

The Shanks in vessel composting and anaerobic digestion facility plant being built at the north end of the park will, when fully operational export in excess of 4mw into the national grid.

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