Mark and Laura

Mark Sear and Laura Sangster, Trusted Data Solutions

Who we are

Founded at WVP in 2006, we are data recovery and e-discovery specialists with a vast array of experience ranging from hard disk and RAID data recovery though to Microsoft Exchange and SQL server recovery.

We currently occupy 3,000 sq ft here at WVP, which is fully occupied by computer equipment and operated by four full time staff.

When we started the company our key focus was on data recovery, which accounted for approximately 80% of our business with 20% forensic computing. At the time our clients were either people who had used our services previously or new clients we had won through online advertising. We found Google Ad Words was most effective with people who had emergency restoration projects and we attracted many new data recovery clients in this way. Forensic computing or tape restoration work is a slower burn for generating new business and we appreciated that this work would develop through building relationships with companies, so it made sense at the start to focus heavily on the data recovery market.

What we do

Our experience covers all areas of data migration and data conversion, whether it be processing data from a single tape or a library containing thousands of data cartridges, and the processing of data from tape archives for computer forensic investigation and civil litigation.

The biggest growth area for us now is within the high-speed restoration of data as the demand for this type of work has become much greater in recent years. This demand has been driven by corporate compliance and e-disclosure requests where legal cases have arisen and companies need to look through historic email data.

Why Westcott Venture Park?

We felt the rent was good, the rates were excellent, it was a real bonus to be able to look out onto the countryside but the security was the big thing for us. It is important for our clients to know we work in a secure environment, so having 24-hour security is essential to what we do.

Location wise being at Westcott is good as we are near the M40, M1 as well as Aylesbury and Bicester. Our clients are global, we work with many US and Canadian firms so it was fantastic when FedEx moved here as we use their courier service on a daily basis which saves us a great deal of time.

Future Plans

We are hoping to do more of the same over the next few years. We are currently focusing on software development to enable some of the more specialist tasks to be less arduous, so that we can increase staff numbers and capacity in future.

Message to Westcott Venture Park businesses

If you lose data on your hard disks or require data migration or e-disclosure then feel free to contact us.

If you would like to find out more about Trusted Data Solutions visit


It is important for our clients to know we work in a secure environment, so having 24-hour security is essential to what we do.


What we do

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