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Paul Bennett, Motorstep

Who we are

We are Motorstep, a family run company that manufacture motorised portable lifts for disabled people, or anybody with a condition where they can’t climb up or down a step. Mainly targeting the caravan and motorhome market, we sell our unique product worldwide.

We are a family run business: my son-in-law has recently joined us, my son and my wife are part of the team - my wife even sews the waterproof covers from her machine at home! All the family have lent a hand in one way or another, especially with moving from smaller to bigger premises here at Westcott.

What we do

Our UK and European patented step is a self-supporting lifting platform that can be placed next to hard-to-reach steps, lifting from ground level and gently rising.

Over the past four years we have sold over 250 steps and we are getting busier each year. As the product is getting more exposure people are finding other uses for it, like getting in and out of their houses, or for split level rooms within a house.

Both my parents were disabled with arthritis, so I know the distress caused by restricted movement. We are proud of what we produce and what we do: it’s rewarding to know that we are helping people.

Why Westcott Venture Park?

I had worked at Westcott Venture Park before so I knew the area - and I knew there were a variety of affordable buildings available. We live in Aylesbury, so it was an ideal location and nice to be amongst other engineering companies too. It’s a pleasant countryside environment and a professional and secure home for our business.

We have created an office, a kitchen, and designed all the facilities, even the toilets, with our customers in mind. We have plenty of space and ample parking for caravans and motorhomes.

Future plans

We want to drive awareness by increasing our advertising. People need to know there’s something like this available, so they can continue living their lives and not let a disability get in the way.

Last year we did two of the caravan and motorhome shows, and hopefully in the future we will be able to do more of this type of thing with our bigger team and premises.

Message to Westcott Venture Park businesses

We’d love to meet other occupiers in the park. Undoubtedly there are people here that have caravans or motorhomes, or know people that have - and who may benefit from - our expertise in this niche area.

If you would like to find out more about Motorstep visit or speak to Paul Bennett 01296 709630


We moved to this larger unit in April. It’s around 1,800 – 2,000 sq ft - our initial unit was a third of the size!

Paul Bennett,


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